Farmers and land owners are core to our business. Solar increasingly offers the highest economic yield per acre for many farms. Because we've partnered with dozens of farmers like you, we understand the decision to re-purpose land is not made without careful consideration. As such, we're committed to providing a simple and transparent process from lease signing to construction completion.

Value Proposition

Whether your land is fallow or cultivated every season, solar is increasingly becoming a superior economic option.  As a revenue generating asset, solar farms pay an annual lease rate for 20 or more years.  This income, whether supplemental or primary, can provide a hedge against the variability of crop yields. 

Transparent Process

After obtaining basic information, we'll schedule a site visit to walk your property, explain our development process and answer any questions you may have. 

Should you then decide to partner with us, we'll execute a lease "option" agreement that pays a monthly fee while we perform required environmental and permitting diligence tasks. During this time you can continue to use your property on an unrestricted basis.  

If diligence tasks are successfully completed, the option is converted to a land lease. Once construction activities finalize, the portion of your property hosting the system will then be fenced in and secured. 

To see if a solar farm might be the right fit for your property, please reach out to us at