Off-Site Solar Pioneers

Many of the nation's largest energy users are constrained by their ability to physically host solar energy systems. 

We tackled this challenge years ago, and became pioneers in off-site commercial solar development in the process. Since 2011, our  team has developed over 250 megawatts of projects located away from our customers' facilities, providing them millions of dollars in aggregate savings.

Community Solar

Community Solar installations have become the most popular solution in the US solar market. Why? Because they allow both commercial and residential customers to participate in the financial savings offered by off-site solar systems.  

Here's how it works: a predetermined percentage of electricity generated from a community system is applied to a subscriber's utility invoice in the form of a credit. These credits reduce the total dollar amount you owe your utility in any given month. It's that simple. 

The structure is ideal for customers who lack adequate roof space to host on-site systems, or who simply prefer not to install panels on their premises. 


For organizations who consume large amounts of power, a wholesale power contract can be ideal. Electricity generated from utility scale systems can be "wheeled" from one power node to another, often located hundreds of miles apart. The result: users located in metropolitan areas can purchase fixed priced solar contracts from systems located in rural areas, and hedge their long-term electricity pricing exposure in the process. 

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