On-Site Solar Experts

On-site solar systems directly reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the utility grid, and serve to reduce "peak" usage. Whether rooftop or a parking canopy structures, the Summit Ridge team has installed dozens of on-site systems for commercial and public sector entities alike.


Installing rooftop solar can unlock the value of unused square footage, and prolong your roof's usable life. Rooftop systems directly offset energy usage, typically during peak hours of the day when a facility's energy usage is highest. 


As the cost of solar panels and other system components have continued to decline, solar canopies installed over parking lots have become increasingly viable. Like rooftops, parking facilities are often non-revenue generating real estate. We've designed and installed some of the nation's largest canopy systems, helping numerous customers unlock value.  

If you have uncovered parking facilities, contact us today to learn more: info@summitridgeenergy.com.